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Now the car looks like this again
Scottish Wedding Service is mainly aimed at exclusive wedding transport. But there are more occasions conceivable where the English taxi is ideally suited for, e.g.: - business transport (e.g. festive ride to restaurant/ theater) - family ride - exceptional transport for artists/ v.i.p.’s - going out together to, for example the cinema, restaurant or event - marriage proposal, engagement party - jubilee relative or employee - publicity/ advertising - making a sales pitch or to have an interview while you are driven to your destination A very special surprise for your guests in this beautiful extraordinary car, a ride to wherever you want. We can also take a small wheelchair, using an access ramp and safe connection. I’m in possession of a wheelchair you can also use, one that fits well. So also wonderful for the disabled, whether or not with friends or family to go out for a day. Or to get married of course! There are all kinds of occasions conceivable to let yourself be transported in a typical English taxi, the British atmosphere and space are excellent! Thanks to a partition between the driver and the guests in the back, you can enjoy lots of privacy! Any communication is possible by means of an intercom that can be switched on or off. There is space for five passangers, together in the back of the car. You drive with a chauffeur who also had many years of experience as a taxi driver.
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